Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Throw an Engaging Party

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day has been deemed the peak of engagement season. The wedding planning website, The Knot, claims that almost 40% of engagements occur during this time. With Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, love and the promise of “happily ever after” is in the air. As a result, the season of engagement parties will shortly begin. While this event is not a “must” on the wedding timetable, it is a fun way to kickoff the festivities and celebrate with close friends and family.

There are countless possibilities when planning an engagement party. My favorite idea is to schedule a low-key affair and invite guests to either the couples’ home or (traditionally) the parents’ home. Hosting an intimate, relaxing gathering is a perfect way to begin what can potentially be a stressful process.

Especially for guests who are meeting for this first time, it can be easier to meet in this type of informal setting. As more and more people scatter around the county (and the world!), the couple's closest friends are not always just a car ride away. For those individuals in the bridal party, an engagement party is a wonderful opportunity to meet everyone face-to-face. Since e-mails and text messages will most likely be the dominate forms of communication during planning, having that initial, personal interaction can help everyone start on the same page.

We wanted to extend our congratulations to all the newly engaged couples. As you begin organizing and planning your wedding, be sure to solicit advice, plan thoughtfully, and decide what elements are most important to you and your future spouse. Good luck!

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By Meredith Vachon

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  1. I agree. Outdoor parties under a party tent creates a neutral environment that's engaging and relaxed. We utilize tents for our evangelistic meetings and most people will come to a tent before they would come to a Church service.

    Your tents are beautiful! Thanks for posting - and love the tips that you pointed out in this engaging post!