Friday, November 19, 2010

You'll be Floored!!

That's right, you'll be floored by our new flooring options!  Ok, that was awful - but I'm confident you would be impressed by our new Wide Plank Flooring!

I've mentioned them in one of my past posts, which was related to a particular wedding, but since more and more of our clients are using and inquiring about this new product, I thought I'd provide more detailed information and a few more photos. 

We currently have two finishes to choose from, Pickled Birch and English Chestnut.  We manufacture the floors ourselves - cutting, staining and finishing each and every plank.  The individual pieces come in 12 inch widths and lengths ranging from 2 to 8 feet.  When installing the floors, we stagger the pieces to give a permanent look, certainly unlike most traditional rental products. 

Our crew builds a plywood sub-floor and then installs this finished covering on top.  While it is a labor intensive process, I'm sure you would agree that the result is extraordinary. 

Take a look below, click on a photo to show a larger version. 

Pickled Birch

English Chestnut


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