Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Think Outside the Ballroom

Given the prevalence Wi-Fi, hotspots, and mobile technology, more and more events are freeing themselves from traditional brick-and-mortar locations and venturing elsewhere. This flexibility is offering corporations and businesses the ability to look beyond conference centers and hotel ballrooms when planning a corporate function or an industry convention. Think about it – if someone wanted to set up a remote office on a beach, given the right tools, he absolutely could!

Certain types of company events already fit into the “outdoor” category – summer picnics, family outings, golf tournaments. However, companies typically retreat inside when preparing larger scale or more formal events. As we are becoming a cable-free culture, the outdoor/indoor barrier is beginning to erode away. Now instead of worrying if your facility is too small to hold all your employees in one room, a tent can be erected on the property and everyone can assemble there. By putting up partitions or dividers, planners and organizers can easily create different stations or break-out areas depending on the event’s purpose. If an item is forgotten or a piece of equipment suddenly breaks, having a tent near the main office can save time and stress!

For more elaborate functions, renting a tent can allow companies to consider numerous locations. Interested in having a step and repeat on 42nd Street? No problem!  At Stamford Tent, we have helped clients with product launches and industry parties on piers along the Hudson River, New York City rooftops, busy city streets, and countless other places. Given your event’s theme, a clear top tent can offer guests a different experience than inside a crowded, dark indoor space. As a company, you will definitely impress attendees when they are able to overlook Manhattan’s skyline at sunset.

If you are a profession corporate planner or someone tasked to oversee the company’s upcoming global meeting, consider all the options available and select one that matches your needs and requirements. And don’t be afraid to venture outside!

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By Meredith Vachon


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  2. What a gorgeous party tent. My daughter wants to have her wedding reception in my backyard, so I've been very busy making it look perfect for the big day. I've seen tents at weddings before, so I'm thinking about renting one. I think it will make the reception look very elegant.

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