Thursday, July 25, 2013

DJs and Jugglers and Food Trucks! Oh My!

Prior to any major event or party, there are several important decisions that organizers and hosts have to make. One of the most significant (and possibly most amusing) is, “What should the entertainment be?” The old standbys of a DJ or a live band are still alive and well. However, people are thinking outside the box, and seeking ways to offer their guests an unforgettable experience.

One party addition that has been increasing in popularity is to have a photo booth for guests to wander in and out of throughout an event. This feature allows participants to channel their inner comedian, and be as silly as they want. Often hosts can select the props guests can choose from or customize the available backgrounds to include their names and the event date. Companies usually provide the hosts a copy of all the photos taken in the booth, and guests instantly receive a memorable party favor!

Another fun alternative could be a fortune teller and/or palm reader. Located in a corner with decorative rugs or elaborate d├ęcor, guests can discover their future fortunes or inquire about their past lives. If you are having a company or corporate party, they could possibly offer a prediction for the upcoming year. Hopefully it will be a positive one!

For a retro, nostalgic feel, a barbershop quartet dressed in matching red and white costumes can definitely add a different “tone” to your affair. Personally I would hire this group, though I feel that they may be difficult to book.

Before you decide to reserve any extra entertainment at your next party, make sure that you meet beforehand to review any necessary parameters or discuss the general flow of the evening.  If your dream is to have that barbershop quartet serenade everyone with “Bohemian Rhapsody,” make sure your wish is not overlooked!

by Meredith Darts

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