Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex And The City 2 - Interior Photos of After-Party

Following up on Tuesday's post regarding the after-party for the premiere of Sex And The City 2, I'd like to share a few interior photos of our tent at Lincoln Center.  15/40 Productions and designer Thomas Ford did an amazing job!

A description from today's article on

Following the screening for 5,000 guests, a whittled down crowd of 1,200 walked amid hundreds of lanterns to enter the tent, which was fashioned to look like—as Charlotte's daughter Lily says in the film—Jasmine and Aladdin's palace. Inspired by Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda's Abu Dhabi vacation, the after-party channeled the city's light and architecture via 600 feet of 20-foot-tall sets that 15/40 built in Los Angeles and transported across the country in three semi trucks.

Inside, designer Thomas Ford helmed the decor, coming up with a look that fell in line with the Arabian Nights theme, but also reflected the film's high-octane glamour. The stars of the night congregated in the raised V.I.P. areas, where Ultrasuede seating in gold, sand, and cream tones mixed with turquoise patterned art hanging on the draped walls. Oscar Mora provided the obligatory pops of pink with some 25,000 floral stems, which were flown in by the Colombian Floral Syndicate, taking up an entire plane.

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