Monday, April 26, 2010

iWedding App

Have you ever heard of the iPhone?  If not...we need to talk.  No, seriously.  But if you are of this planet and do indeed own may find this app to be interesting, especially our wedding planner friends and those planning their own big day.  It's called "iWedding Deluxe". 

It allows you to further manage the day to day details.  It includes seamless integration with your contacts, a customizable To-do list and the ability to manage your finances, seating, music and gift registries for the event. It's broken down by modules so you can utilize only those that you need, while providing the ability to create your own.  It also integrates TweetPhoto, allowing you to post photos to Twitter.

I was a bit hesitant to provide info for this app since I haven't used it myself, so buyer beware..but I have heard very positive reviews.  It is slightly more expensive than your typical $0.99 app. You can find it today at the App Store for $9.99.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minglestick - Idea for Networking Events?

I thought this was a unique idea for Event Planners, especially those who arrange Networking/Mixer events and/or corporate meetings and conferences.  Although similar technologies are available on some of our "smart phones" (like The Shake App on iPhone) this is a relatively inexpensive item to hand out in appropriate meetings.


With a simple click of the button, a connection is made with another advice and there you have have traded contact information.  It's been stored, ready to be uploaded to your computer.  One of the useful features of this product is that you can modify the information you share depending on the occasion or the event that you are attending. You even have the option to edit your info after the event is over with peace of mind knowing that the correct information was shared. 

I'm not sure if I would use one myself, but I would do so at a mixer where they were handed out for all to utilize.  You can find them here:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Honored With 11th Excellence Award

A portion of our latest press release, with added photos.

Winner of Two International Excellence Awards

Stamford, CT (April 8, 2010) – Stamford Tent & Event Services, a Connecticut-based tenting and event service provider, announced they have recently been honored with the 2010 Award Of Excellence, Commercial Tent Project; and the 2010 Award Of Excellence, Party Tent Project. This is Stamford Tent’s tenth and eleventh such awards from IFAI’s Tent Rental Division (Industrial Fabrics Association International).

“We are proud and appreciative of this great honor bestowed upon us at Stamford Tent & Event Services”, said President and Owner, Steve Frost. “We pride ourselves on the creativity and attention to detail which is crucial to custom work. On behalf of our vastly talented staff and crew, we thank the IFAI for such a great honor.”

The Commercial Project award was based upon a custom-made Structure Tent for a client in Greenwich, CT. The project consisted of an 18x23 meter clearspan structure attached to a hotel for use as an additional, seasonal event space. The hotel had an irregularly shaped notched space that prevented a traditional tent from abutting the two main guest access doors. A special shortened bay was engineered by the tent manufacturer to seal the fascia of the building to the structure to prevent leaks during the summer rains.

The Party Tent Project award was based upon a trapezoid shaped tent that was customized for the Central Park Zoo. The project consisted of a 30’x178’ gable-ended structure with two integral dormers and two trapezoidal connectors installed to lead up to the Central Park Zoo colonnade and the Central Garden. The existing colonnade was a glass structure so the client requested that all tents be made of clear vinyl to appear as if they were a permanent part of the zoo.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Because We Need More Reality Shows...

Tori Spelling a Wedding Planner?  Really?  Yes....really.

"Tori Spelling and her husband are becoming wedding planner for a new reality TV show.  The 36-year-old actress and her husband Dean McDermott have signed a deal for a new programme called Tori & Dean: Weddings! The series will see the couple planning “dream” nuptials for lucky strangers. Tori and Dean already star in Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lexus Launches Hybrid

Passing along an article from BizBash Magazine regarding a pre-launch press event/debate on Tuesday that promoted the new Lexus CT 200H at the New York International Auto Show. 

Stamford Tent & Event Services provided tenting for the event.  Sadly, I wasn't given one of the cars for our efforts, despite my numerous letters and phone calls. ;)