Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie...and Tents!

Stamford Tent & Event Services has recently supplied services to one of our corporate clients who held a conference at the home of the World Champion New York Yankees. While I’m not at liberty to share the actual event photos, I have included some of the work below.

We had enclosed a section of the stadium behind home plate to provide protection from the elements and to trap the heat, provided by Stamford Tent. Overlooking the field from behind home plate, we installed clear walls enclosing 7 sections of the stadium. Since the elements involved in such a project were not built into the stadium, there was a great deal of custom work for this section of the project alone.

The first photo shows custom built tracking that was affixed – carefully – to the stadium beams. Space within the tracking itself had been routed to accept wheeled guides. This way, the clear wall opened and closed like stage curtains, with very little effort.

Other photos show some of the area that was tented for the event. In addition, we had provided flooring and carpet throughout the given area.

The fine people at The Stadium were delighted with our ability to create such customized equipment that protected the building while also being very functional. Our client was also extremely pleased…as usual. :)

Thanks to all involved.

Our clear wall is just below the second deck.
So seamless, you can barely see the clear wall from the field.

Monday, March 15, 2010

"You're Hired!" -Donald Trump

In light of this season's premiere of The Apprentice on NBC last night...I thought I would tell you about our experience.  While comedian Carol Leifer was told "You're Fired!", we at Stamford Tent & Event Services were told..."You're HIRED!"

Chosen by The Donald to create the ultimate setting for his daughter Ivanka's wedding, Stamford Tent & Event Services had provided tenting, heating, flooring and staging for this elegant event. 

Ivanka was absolutely gorgeous, the decor was breathtaking and the tents...ohhhhh the tents!!

I've provided a link to the latest version of our Spotlight Event Series which highlights this amazing wedding ---> Trump says, "YOU'RE HIRED!" .

A few more images:
The Ceremony tent (before):

The Ceremony tent (after):

Ceremony & Reception tents:

Reception tent, catering tent, washrooms, coat & utility tents:

Curvature of the earth....and tents:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sailcloth Style Tent

Just a quick note to keep an eye out for Stamford Tent's new Sailcloth style tent. Inspired by the sea, it's a slightly different style with an organic, slightly translucent look & feel from the sailcloth fabric. With elegant sculptured peaks and custom nautical center and side poles, this is a wonderful option especially here in New England.

We will have several sizes to choose from this summer!!